Best Regulated Forex Brokers

What’s the best-regulated forex broker?

Regulated forex brokers are known for providing traders with a safe and secure platform. They offer regulated platforms that are regulated by financial authorities in Canada, Europe, Japan, and the US.

Types of brokers

Regular Forex Brokers

Thought a broker was an account with cash, that’s not the case. Regular forex brokers offer a wide range of trading options including futures and e-mini futures (minis), which are traded on the House of Representatives Futures Exchange in Chicago.

The trader can also trade leveraged positions and FX trading products such as the EUR/USD, JPY/USD, Yen/Euro, and AUD/USD. All brokers have comprehensive trading tools to help traders make informed decisions.

Binary options brokers Binary Options is one of the oldest binary options providers in Canada. They allow you to trade binary options that allow you to choose between two different outcomes (such as a winner or loser). This means that traders can play around with their risk levels without taking any actual financial risk. To learn more about how binary options work and how it compares to other types of investment strategies, read our guide: How Binary Options Work

Plain Trader Brokers

These firms don’t offer specific features or functionality like regulated forex brokers but do focus on providing a higher level of transparency than most other brokerages. Plain Trader Brokers are regulated by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).